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Attendee of Quality Improvement Course.


“The presentation from Sunil Thawani was very good with examples from past experiences”



We help create a culture of quality, excellence, performance and continual improvement.


  • Develop Stakeholder framework including identifying stakeholders, their needs and expectations and performance measures

  • Develop road map to excellence with major initiatives

  • Building competencies and capacities in Quality & Excellence

  • Establish a Quality maturity framework, Quality Index and supporting measurement framework

  • Participate and win prestigious Business Excellence awards

  • Create a culture of excellence in all aspects of business performance

Business Excellence (BEX) Awards – Dubai Quality Award (EFQM Model), Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award (SKEA), MRM Business Excellence Award


  • Planning and participating in awards process

  • Developing strategy & scope of business for participating in awards process.

  • Selecting appropriate theme for participating in award process

  • Addressing gaps from earlier DQA feedback report/ Self-assessment report

Developing Submission Document


  • Developing strategy for developing Submission Document.

  • Providing direction, guidance and support in selecting appropriate Results and Enablers with appropriate examples of improvements with impacting examples

  • Extensive support in data sorting, selection and converting into meaningful results meeting the RADAR logic.

  • Selecting appropriate approaches,

  • 3-4 reviews of draft version ensuring Submission Document meets DQA criteria, is cross-referenced; approaches are vertically and horizontally aligned etc.

  • Support in identifying best practices/ Benchmark.

Review Submission Document vis a vis requirements of EFQM/ MRM or any other award model


  • Review Submission Document and provide valuable inputs for improvement

  • Ensure Submission Document developed addresses the award framework, is of high quality, matching quality levels used at international levels and meets the requirements as laid out by award office.


Preparing organizations for site visit assessment


  • Developing strategy for site visit by Assessors

  • Develop communication strategy/ developing training modules

  • Organizing and verifying evidences

  • Logistics preparations

  • Verification of understanding of staff on contents of the submission document & their readiness to meet assessors

  • Tips for meeting the assessors

Integrated Management Systems - ISO Certification / Management Systems Development, Implementation and Certification
  • ISO 9001 (Quality)

  • ISO 14001 (Environment)

  • OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety)

  • ISO 1002 (Customer Complaints)

  • ISO 31000 (Risk Management)

  • ISO 22000 (Food Safety)

  • SA 8000 (Social Accountability)

  • ISO 26000 (CSR)


Our Activities


  • Conduct gap study to international management systems

  • Develop and document policies, manuals, procedures and supporting forms/ checklists

  • Implementation support

  • Identification of risks, mitigation plans and development of risk registers

  • Internal and external audit support

  • Support in selecting the ISO Certifying agency

  • Applicable legal and regulatory requirements and compliance

  • Attain standardized processes, improved quality/ environment/ safety leading to improved product, performance, consistent outputs, environment, workplace safety etc.

Business Process Management
  • Identify and map high level businesses processes and map their sequence, interaction and relationships

  • Establish Process management Architecture covering Process scoping, Process Owners, Process outputs, Stakeholders, Critical measures of process efficiency and effectiveness

  • Shift from functional based working to process management

  • Help create a culture of customer focus, service & continual improvement

  • Build a foundation for process improvement – to use Lean, Six Sigma, Reengineering, Benchmarking strategies to attain incremental and radical improvements

  • Achieve improved understanding of job, process flow, simpler faster, efficient processes delivering improved quality of consistent outputs to internal and external customers

  • Achieve better control and management of business processes

Voice of the Customer (Customer Listening System)
  • Develop customer listening strategies

  • Develop supporting initiatives such as Customer Satisfaction measurements, Mystery shopping, Focus Groups, Service Reviews etc. frequencies, supporting tools such as Questionnaires, Service Review tools, Analysis, Monitoring and Reporting mechanisms

  • Use the voice of the customer to drive improvements

  • Create a culture of customer focus, service & continual improvement

Service Excellence


  • Develop Service Management strategy

  • Develop Service Standards for various customer touch points

  • Establish measures of services in line with international ServQual model

  • Develop Service Excellence Improvement Program to ensure customers receive consistent service

  • Deliver superior service to customers, differentiated from competition, and grow in marketplace


Service Management frmaework design will ensure:

  • employee involvement and motivation

  • healthy competition among service providers to improve service

  • adoption of best practice

  • achieve a sustainable service excellence and continual improvement

  • transparency of scheme

  • objectivity in the process

  • improve accountability

  • strengthening of controls/ regulatory/ compliance requirements where applicable

Staff Suggestion Scheme

Develop Staff Suggestion scheme with the objective of 

  • To create a culture of Improvement, Innovation & Performance Management.

  • To harness creativity of staff and organizations’ stakeholders

  • To establish a system for staff to suggest ideas for “Improvement & Innovation” and reviewing and approving valid ideas for implementation

Quality & Process Improvement
  • Establish quality improvement strategies and initiatives

    • To fight increasing competition;

    • To get products/ services faster to the market;

    • To build closer relationships with customers and suppliers and

    • To reverse declines in market share/ profits etc.

  • Identify critical business processes impacting cost, time and fulfilment of strategic objectives

  • Review and analyze selected business process(es) and reengineer using principles of Lean, Kaizen, Reengineering, Benchmarking

  • Develop and implement improved processes and provide support during implementation

  • Manage performance of reengineered process

  • Attain radically reduced process cycle time, process cost/ waste and improved customer service and process flow