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Quality Indeed enables organizations to continually improve their business performance and satisfy its stakeholders through customized training, education, assessment and advisory services. Learn more about the services we offer and in which industries we consult our clients.



 To help you execute your vision of a continually improving business performance and create competitive advantage or establish international best practices framework or win prestigious awards, you may need a committed, competent and mature partner.


A partner with a broad range of services in Quality & Excellence domain. A partner with successful track in implementing excellence models such as EFQM/ DQA/ SKEA/ MRM, ISO standards, benchmarking, service excellence etc.


We can support your efforts to win prestigious local, regional and  international awards including United Nations Public Service Award. With decades of expertise in diverse industries, functions and cultures, Quality Indeed is your Partner in your journey towards Quality & Excellence.

Assessment & Auditing


To ensure your management systems are aligned with the strategy, help execute it effectively, create value for your stakeholders, improve products and services etc., we ensure audits and assessments do more than just compliance.


Our Audits & Assessments methodology will help you add value to your business, maintain and improve processes, attain and maintain ISO certification in diverse industries.


We ensure Audits and Assessments remain independent, enhance transparency and performance and conducted by competent, certified, committed and experienced professionals.



To support your people development efforts and gain competitive advantage, we develop, maintain and enhance people competencies and capabilities in the quality & excellence  domain. We design and deliver customized training programs in quality concepts, principles, strategies, tools and techniques for all types of industries such as Government, Oil, Gas, Banks, Hospitality, Services, Insurance, Manufacturing, Logistics etc.


The programs are designed for all levels and functions from Leaders, middle and lower management and workers etc. Topics for training range from EFQM/ DQA/ SKEA/ MRM, ISO Standards, Process Management, Customer Service, Service Excellence, Auditing, to improvement strategies such as Kaizen, Reengineering, Benchmarking, Lean, Six Sigma etc.


The design of Training programs ensure active engagement of participants through workshops, role plays, case studies, discussions. Some programs are designed to be action oriented/ problem solving oriented also..



The right people are the competitive edge for any business. Having the right quality & excellence professionals can help you create a culture of excellence, enhance business performance, reduce cost of business operations, develop and adopt international best practices, enhance stakeholder satisfaction including customer satisfaction etc. 


We know where to find the right quality professionals you need and how to attract the very best talent for your organization. We can help find quality professionals at all levels from Chief Quality Officer/ Director level to Quality Officers. Being industry professionals, we fully understand how things work in your industry.


We maintain and constantly refresh strong personal connections with the current and future talent. We will match great talent to the many career opportunities offered by your organization.


"Quality Indeed Consulting Ltd. is led by team of highly experienced, matured and competent consultants with a successful track record in various industries. Their dedicated & customized approach, ensures effective design and delivery."