Frameworks such as EFQM/ Dubai Quality Award/ Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award, Malcolm Baldrige, MRM Business Award etc. provide organizations a comprehensive framework to achieve and sustain excellence. International frameworks can be adopted by organizations of any type and size. Organizations willing to adopt the framework to improve performance and to win prestigious awards typically start with Gap Study.

The objective of assessment is to:
  • Determine the current state of management systems and performance and their maturity to principles of excellence
  • Develop a road map for excellence
  • Key strengths for each of the sub-criterion
  • Key areas for improvement for each of the sub-criterion
  • Scoring profile for each sub-criterion as per assessment model such as RADAR
  • Recommendation on readiness and timing to participate in awards process
  • List of improvement initiatives having high impact on DQA framework to be implemented within the next few months and over next couple of years

We deploy highly trained, competent, objective, mature and professional Assessors to carry out assessments. The assessment can be customized to meet specific needs of customers.

We provide assessment services to the following frameworks:
  • Abu Dhabi Excellence in Government Performance;
  • Ajman Excellence Award Program;
  • Dubai Government Excellence Program;
  • Dubai Quality Award (DQA);
  • MRM Business Award;
  • Mohammed bin Rashid Government Excellence Award (Emirates Government Excellence Award)
  • Sharjah Economic Excellence Award;
  • Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award (SKEA) etc.
We also provide Auditing Services for various ISO Management System Standards.