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Quality Indeed
Customer Testimonials

Hear directly from our esteemed customers on variety of services provided to them such as Dubai Quality Award, MRM Business Award, ISO Management Systems, Training of wide range of topcis etc.

Director, Corporate Services & Strategy Development, Middle East

Yourself and your project team members added a lot of value in developing an integrated management system/ BPM framework, identifying and mapping of core and support processes and their inter-relationships, documenting procedures, forms, checklists etc. covering level 1 through 4. Project helped enhance accountability, role clarity, performance, customer focus within the company, a blueprint for digitization, etc. in addition, the process did not only include delivering the scope, my team have evolved from this project much aware of BPM concepts compared to where they initially started, making us appreciate deeply the values of knowledge transfer adopted by your organization working on this project.

Yourself and your project team members worked hard, sincerely, completed project on time and ensured knowledge transfer to DZFC Team. Your went all went above and beyond the scope of the project to ensure our satisfaction.

Director, Corporate Services & Strategy Development,
A Govt. Entity. for Alternative Care for Children, Middle East
July 2021

Founder & CEO, Centre of Accreditation for Excellence, India

“The valuable inputs that you shared with the participants helped us a lot in achieving the desired outcome of this much needed event. I am sure that the stakeholders who attended the event today must be highly motivated and encouraged to continue to create value for the education sector.”

I truly admire the way you speak so naturally with such sound and convincing discourse. It speaks so much about your work and experience over the years.

For speech by Sunil Thawani on " Significance of Process for High Performing Education Organizations" webinar held on World Accreditation Day 2021 on 9th June 2021.

Ms. Arti Kholsa
Founder & CEO,
Centre of Accreditation for Excellence,

Chairman, Large International Healthcare Service Provider

“I am extremely thankful to you for assisting us in winning the prestigious DQA for our hospital . without the support of someone like you who is having the best credentials, it would not have been possible. Thank you very much for the service provided to us. Hope to meet you on the auspicious award ceremony day.”

Kimoha Entrepreneurs Ltd., Dubai
ISO:9001, SME 100, MRM Business Award

Kimoha is very happy to be associated with Quality Indeed. They are professional and competent individuals who do what is necessary to ensure their service compliments our experience.

Quality Indeed has walked with us when adopting ISO 9000 certification, in mentoring and coaching quality principles, resolving key quality bugs through their expertise and have always surpassed our expectations.......

Vinesh Bhimani
Managing Director,
Kimoha Entrepreneurs Ltd., Dubai

A Leading Oil & Gas firm, UAE
Dubai Quality Award

“Quality Indeed Consulting Services led by professional teams of highly competent consultants have always been very professional in their service delivery. Their dedicated approach, tailor made solutions and prompt response has been a hallmark of their consulting services.”

Head Quality & Business Excellence
A Leading Oil & Gas firm, UAE.

Medcare Hospital: Dubai Quality Award

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for an excellent job done in our preparation for participation in Dubai Quality Awards process for 2014 cycle.
Medcare hospital management & heads of department were very much comfortable and confident during the assessment as they were able to articulate the concept of EFQM and the development down at the unit level.
You had invested tremendous amount of efforts right from supporting us with development of the Submission Document right up to the Site Visit Assessment which resulted in Medcare Hospital winning prestigious DQ Appreciation award. Medcare Hospital management and other staff were so delighted to work with you and the team.
It helped us enhance our knowledge and performance. We will continue this joint efforts for the upcoming projects for Medcare group

Khairunnisa Shallwani
Manager – Quality & Clinical Trainings
Medcare Hospital, Dubai

Strategic Customer Services - Winning Practices from Worlds Leading Companies Workshop

Strategic Customer Service program content helped me understand why customers move away. The content was most useful and an eye opener on customer behavior" Ms. Aparna Naik, Quality Manager, KEL.

Aparna Arvind Naik
Quality Assurance Manager
Kimoha Entrepreneurs Ltd., Dubai


Strategic Customer Service program helped me understand how satisfaction levels can be linked to revenue and different strategies for enhancing customer Service

Ms. Anum Jawaid
Asstt. Manager
MedCare Hospital, Dubai


“The group discussion exercise after every module was helpful to understand and clarify doubts collectively”

EFQM / DQA Awareness Training Program, 24th May 2017, Dubai, Attendee from Visa services provider. Multinational firm


“The usefulness of the model and its connection with the organization development”

EFQM / DQA Awareness Training Program, 24th May 2017, Dubai, Attendee from Visa services provider. Multinational firm


“Authority of the Trainer (Sunil) over the subject and content.” “Very good, strong orator and very interactive session”

Excellence Award Assessor Training Program, 25th & 27th May 2017, Dubai, Attendee from Visa services provider. Multinational firm


“Principles & methodology of EFQM will really help our organization to identify AFI in detailed manner and improve on them”

Excellence Award Assessor Training Program, 25th & 27th May 2017, Dubai, Attendee from Visa services provider. Multinational firm


“Information about how to improve my job by Benchmarking”
“Kudos to an expert with quality delivery
“Course is engaging. “Use videos and graphs also.
“Very interactive workshop. Wealth of experience is very high & ability to deliver”

Quality & Excellence for Leaders, 29th Oct. 2019, Dubai, Delegate from Nigeria Govt. Deptt.


• Idea about implementing lean management in problem solving
• RADAR methodology and use of QIP to improve work

Quality Improvement Program with Lean Management, 24th May 2017, Dubai. Leading premium hospital.


• Highly Useful & Beneficial
• Clear examples on implementation of People, Society, Partnerships & Resources
• Very elaborate session detailing all required information

EFQM / DQA Awareness Training Program, 25th July 2018, Dubai, Leading premium hospital.


“Sunil has a passion for this. It comes across in delivery. He makes it informative with real examples that bring it to life.”
“The approach to make people understand the concept.”

SKEA Excellence Framework, 28th March 2017, International Oil & Gas company, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi


• Clarity towards ultimate objective & how to approach towards achieving it
• Clarity on data collection and importance of implementing new things to add more quality to work.
• The PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle. It really helps in routine duties.
• Most useful is we understand how we have to prepare for MRM award. What is our role?
• Regarding organization's processes, systems, tools & compilation of this & presenting of it in best possible way.
• Very interactive, explained with real life examples. Excellent

MRM Business Award Model Awareness Training Program, 27th Jan.2018, Dubai, Leading Healthcare Services provider.


1. My business exists because of my stakeholders. So I must know my stakeholders, segment them, know their needs, tailor my strategies to meet their needs. My vision, mission, etc., should align with customer satisfaction.

2. I will use EFQM to achieve or attain excellence in my job as a regulator and assist our clients in also achieving not only quality but excellence in business as leaders.

3. I intend to implement what I learnt in my organization, must especially involve all stakeholders (relevant) in every decision we make as an organization.

UNIDO - National Quality Infrastructure Project, 11th to 13th April 2018, Abuja, Nigeria


Four Day Lecture Series for Durban University of Technology, South Africa

“The depth of your experience and practical knowledge shared with us made it very easy to grasp the sometimes too abstract. The weeklong lecture series engagement has certainly left us all more enriched in measures beyond our expectations. In my introduction to the series, I alluded to the challenge of translating theory to practice and you certainly delivered on this. Your ability to communicate the most complex of Management problems using the simplest of analogies is remarkable” – Prof. Manduth Ramchander, Head of the Department, Deptt. Of Operations and Quality Management, Durban University of Technology, Durban, South Africa.