Culture of Quality

To create a culture of Quality and Excellence is not easy as following scenarios are common across most organizations irrespective of their size, complexity, cultures and industry.

  • Almost every leader wants to create highly customer focused organization. Yet internal focused silo working is the norm. Products / services design and delivery fall short of customers’ expectations.
  • As all work gets done through processes, they need to be simple, agile, effective, efficient and seamlessly flowing between functions and across to vendors. Yet employees struggle with day to day management of processes, vague accountabilities thereby resulting in inconsistent outcomes.
  • Facts and data help organizations make sound decisions. Yet leadership is starving for meaningful information while drowning in data.
  • Leaders expect improvement to be continual and faster than the competition involving all employees. Yet improvement culture is not institutionalized / sustained.
  • Management wants organizations to be systems based. They don’t want business be dependent on individuals. Yet management systems are rarely sustained.

Many similar incidents are a reality experienced across most organizations on day to day basis.

We are passionate about Quality & Excellence

We Can Help

If you are facing similar experiences, Quality Indeed can help. We have a successful track record in helping organization across many industries and countries to improve their business performance in terms of Quality, Cost, Service, Delivery, Customer Satisfaction, and Stakeholder Management. Our highly trained, experienced, mature and committed professionals can help you create a culture of excellence by adopting proven TQM and Excellence concepts, principles, strategies, models, methodologies and tools.

We can also help you win prestigious business excellence awards like EFQM, Dubai Quality Award, United Nations Public Service Award, Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award, UAE 4th Generation Excellence Model (DGEP, ADAEP), MRM Business Award etc.

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  • To enable organizations to continually improve their business performance and satisfy their stakeholders.
  • To develop people competencies and help them grow and succeed.
Guiding Principles
  • Adaptable.
  • Continually improving.
  • Customer focused.
  • Design and deliver high value adding services.
  • Honour commitments.
  • Remain relevant.
  • Results driven.