Employee Recognition Award Programs
  • Establish vision for the award
  • Set up award principles & values such as transparency, independence, objectivity, etc.
  • Develop Award governance structure
  • Develop Award categories, criteria, Award Manual & Participation Guidelines, Participation Forms, FAQ etc.
  • Develop Award assessment guidelines
  • Develop Assessors selection criteria
  • Conduct the award evaluations and provide recommendations to the Award Committee
Experience in Awards Management
  • Established Excellence framework & award for an African nation – Assignment from United Nations.
  • Helped establish, implement and manage external award for Women for a leading oil & gas company in UAE
  • Helped review, improve and manage internal award for employees for an international port and logistics operator
  • Member, International Awards Board, American Society for Quality (ASQ) (2014-2016)
  • Jury member, Dubai Quality award & Sheikh Khalifa Excellence award. (2003 - 2012)
  • Jury Member, ASQ South Asia Quality Award
  • Jury Member, ASQ UAE Quality Professional Award
  • Reviewed & improved Emirates Business Women Award managed by DQG
  • Established & successfully launched ASQ UAE Quality Professionals Award and ASQ Team Innovation Award – UAE First time ever globally.
  • Established Best Service Branch award for Union National Bank
  • Established Continual Improvement & Innovation Award for Dubai Quality Group. 11th year in operation.