UN Public Service Award

Helped Government organizations to participate and win international prestigious awards like United Nations Public Services Award

Scope of services
  • Conduct assessment (Gap study) to award framework
  • Identify strengths and areas for Improvement (AFIs) for enablers & results
  • Identify strategic and high impacting initiatives for quick implementation
  • Develop competencies among people / knowledge transfer.
  • Identify and select appropriate data, information, performance results, benchmarks
  • Develop submissions meeting requirements of award framework.
  • Develop supporting evidences, annexure etc.


Abu Dhabi Govt. Deptt : Led the team for developing submission for United Nations Public Service Award. Deptt. won the award. 1st time in history of Abu Dhabi Govt.

Dubai Govt. Deptt.:

Won international awards on CSR/ Diversity/ Duty of Care etc. Also participated in UNPSA. Results awaited.